Client Philosophy

avvy: Brawley & Associates are very savvy Indianapolis accountants. We stay current with the tax code by continually attending seminars and educating ourselves in regards to accounting and tax changes that occur on a regular basis.

napologetically frugal: We like to save our client’s money and we like to save money too. We are the Indianapolis accounting firm that is as frugal with our client’s money as we are with our money. We can’t apologize for that.

oncerned for your financial well being: When you met with your last accountant how concerned was he or she about your unique needs. We are first and foremost concerned for your unique needs and goals.

ritical Thinkers: We can’t begin to express the importance of critical thinking with issues of tax planning and accounting. Local, State and Federal Tax Codes are often complicated and confusing. The professionals of Brawley & Associates think through each client’s unique circumstances in order to best navigate the innumerable rules and regulations of all of the tax codes.

ducated: Our team is educated: formal education, continuing education and education through years of experience.

mart:  Sure, it’s one thing to say our team of Indianapolis accountants is educated, but it is entirely different to say they are smart. Our people are smart; book smart and real world smart. The team of Brawley & Associates learn from books and real life experiences.

incere: When you speak with one of our staff members, please realize they sincerely care about you; the issues you face, your goals and contributing to solutions for your success.